• All design bundles include up to two "total makeover" revisions after the initial mock blog designed by me. A total makeover is basically an entire new design, new colors, patterns, textures and general layout. It is very important that you are clear in what you are looking for to begin with! If I feel that you are still unsure of what you want I will send you possible samples and ask you to look further into what you'd love to see in your design. That being said, any and all small changes are included! Any "total makeover" revisions after the initial two will cost $20 per revision!

• It is possible that prior to purchasing a bundle there may be a wait time! Most of the time its around 1 week and I will always let you know of a possible wait time before you make your purchase!

• As much as I wish I was a fabulous drawer and could include custom illustrations in the bundles, that is not the case and I'm not able to add illustrated drawings into your design! However, I would still love to include an illustration into your design as long as you are able to provide it!

• Once the design process has already begun, there are no refunds due to the nature of the product. If you've purchased your bundle and suddenly have a change of heart, no worries, I'll gladly give you a refund, I just might be a little sad! :)

• Please don't alter any of my coding or images without contacting me first! Don't worry, I'm very easy going, I just would like to be notified of any changes! The Perfect Pear Designs is not responsible for any alterations made to your blog after the design process is complete.

• I do not setup blogs or create accounts for you, however I'm more than happy to guide you through creating an account and do my best to answer any questions you may have!
• I also do not do any domain name changes, that is up to you!

I'm always, always, always happy to answer any questions you have!