1. Firstly you send me an email! :) I answer any questions you may have and we get to know each other a bit better! 2. You choose a bundle from here, add any a la carte items! I then set up an etsy listing just for you and you make your purchase! 3. Right after I send over around 20 or so questions for you to answer, this is your time to tell me about all the things you love; patterns, textures, colors, fonts etc... (I love this part!) 4. I take your answers and create a mock blog for you! 5. I send it over and you give me feedback on what you love, what you don't and things you'd like to change. 6. Once we reach the perfect blog that you're in love with I get you to add me as an admin to your blog and I do all the coding, uploading and installation of your blog! 7. Then I hand your pretty new blog over to you! :) I usually stay an admin for a few weeks after the design process is done just in case you have any questions you'd like me to answer!

Thats it!!